Mist Collector

Mistkiller™ is an air pollution control equipment and works primarily on the principle of high speed centrifugal collection of liquids.The mist collectors effectually absorb the dust particles and support a clean and healthy work environment Maintenance and running costs are lower than conventional mechanical filters.The 2-pole 3-phase induction motor with suction fan is protected by a Direct On Line (DOL) starter. By capturing mist from the source on the shop floor these units contribute to a safer and healthier work environment. Mistkiller™ units can be used continuously with little periodic maintenance.We provide excellent product support using expertise based on years of industrial emission control.

The machine enables it to work on low power consumption and still exhibit high levels of efficiency . This unique feature makes the device an extremely cost effective investment for thousands of business owners. It comes with a detailed technical chart to ensure that the operator has complete access to all the specifications. At a minimal investment, the device actually guarantees excellent returns in terms of streamlining the business process.

Applications :

Mistkiller™ can be used effectively for the capture and control of mist generated by the use of water-based liquids , typically from CNC and non-CNC machining , cleaning chambers , spraying systems , etc. The mist condenses inside the Mistkiller™ and the condensed liquid may be drained out into the generating equipment for re-use . The Mistkiller™ can be machine-mounted (built-in stand) or mounted on a separate groutable stand . Interconnection between the generating source and the Mistkiller™ uses a flexible or rigid PVC duct with the pollutant being sucked through an exhaust port on top or the side of the generating equipment.The mist collectorseffectually absorb the dust particles and support a clean and healthy work environment.The cost-effective and highly reliable mist collectors by mist collector manufacturers are indeed a boon to the industrial and manufacturing unit.